$28 Large Tactical Backpack with Hydration Bladder Personalized Ruck Electronics Computers Accessories $28,Backpack,Hydration,www.knheng.com,Large,Bladder,/Aghan1234313.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tactical,with,Ruck,Personalized Large Tactical Backpack with Personalized Hydration Ruck Popular product Bladder Large Tactical Backpack with Personalized Hydration Ruck Popular product Bladder $28,Backpack,Hydration,www.knheng.com,Large,Bladder,/Aghan1234313.html,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Tactical,with,Ruck,Personalized $28 Large Tactical Backpack with Hydration Bladder Personalized Ruck Electronics Computers Accessories

Large Tactical SEAL limited product Backpack with Personalized Hydration Ruck Popular product Bladder

Large Tactical Backpack with Hydration Bladder Personalized Ruck


Large Tactical Backpack with Hydration Bladder Personalized Ruck

Product Description

Color: Green Camo Color: Gray Color: Green Color: Black Camo Color: Black
Color: Green Camo Color: Gray Color: Green Color: Black Camo Color: Black


  • The velcro patch on the backpack is a free gift we offered.
  • Holds up to 3.0 liter hydration bladder.
  • The straps are made of thickened PE foam for comfort.
  • The chest button is adjustable with a chest plug, O-type buckle, chest buckle with emergency whistle buckle.
  • Zipper with anti-piercing slider.
  • Large capacity and multi compartments.
  • Water resistant and tear resistant
  • Water Resistant(Please do not expose it to heavy rain for a long time!)

What can we put in it?

  • Front Compartment(8L):mobile phone, walkie talkie, pens, battery, charger, key, notebook, tablet, wallet, ID card, etc.
  • -The interior is versatile, designed with pen pockets, cell phone pockets, and key shackles, for easy loading, rational sorting, and easy storage.
  • Main Compartment (16L) with Built-in rear computer bag and front multi-function loading pouch: IPAD, notebook computer, clothing, 13/14/15.6/17inch laptop computer, etc.
  • Back Compartment: Our backpack has hydration compatible on the back setting for hydration bladder(3L) (hydration bladder not included), can be used as hydration backpack, a smart choice as outdoor camping hiking backpack or other outdoor sports
  • Side pouch on the left(detachable):There is a multifunctional pouch on the left side of the backpack(it can be removed), you can store some small items, such as credit card, ID card, passport, money, mobile phone, etc.
  • Kettle Bag on the right(it can be removed): There is a kettle bag on the right side of the backpack that can carry a 450ML kettle. (umbrella, water bottle, etc.)

Use for School backpack, Travel backpack, Laptop backpack or Day backpack for daily use

Large Tactical Backpack with Hydration Bladder Personalized Ruck

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Welcome to Devonshire Hotels & Restaurants—a stylish selection of hotels, restaurants, holiday cottages, and a spa in the splendour of the English countryside.

Come on in, and start planning your escape today.

Escape to the Country

Owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and located on the Bolton Abbey Estate in North Yorkshire and the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire, these are places that will bring you closer to the land. Experience mile after mile of unspoilt tranquility. Indulge yourself with the finest food and drink. Make memories that will last forever.

Wine & Dine

Our collection of restaurants, Inns, and eateries bring together incredible locations, beautifully cooked, locally-sourced produce, and an ambience that is both refined and relaxed.

Unwind in Peace

Experience mile after mile of unspoilt tranquility. Indulge yourself with the finest food and drink. Make memories that will last forever.


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Devonshire Experiences
Cycling in the Peak District

Two wheels and so much to discover

Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway

Ride the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway through the Dales.

Cycling in The Yorkshire Dales

Cycle the route of the Tour de France in the Yorkshire Dales.

Fly Fishing in Yorkshire

Experience the best fly fishing in the North of England.

Chatsworth Health and Fitness Club

Fitness facilities on our doorstep.

Horse Racing in Yorkshire

Enjoy some of the country’s best race meetings in Yorkshire.

Fishing on the River Wye and Derwent

Experience fine freshwater fishing.

Local Bolton Abbey Walks

Local walks for all abilities.

The Dales Way

A ten-day walk through spectacular scenery.

The Monsal Trail

Miles of picturesque walking and cycling.

Peak District Boundary Walk

190 miles of picturesque beauty.

The Three Peaks

Take on the challenge of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough.

Walking in the Peak District

Discover great walks in the Peaks

RHS Harlow Carr, Yorkshire

Harlow Carr is a showcase of horticultural excellence.

Valley of Desolation and Simon’s Seat Walk

Find serenity on this truly rewarding walk.

Spa Days in Yorkshire

If you’re looking for a restful retreat deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Escape the everyday

Our hotels in the splendour of the countryside offer the perfect escape to the everyday. Set in thousands of acres of spectacular surroundings, you can social distance with ease, and at our hotels and inns, you can rest assured of the very best health and safety measures allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay.

Escape the everyday

Our hotels in the splendour of the countryside offer the perfect escape to the everyday. Set in thousands of acres of spectacular surroundings, you can social distance with ease, and at our hotels and inns, you can rest assured of the very best health and safety measures allowing you to relax and enjoy your stay.

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