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Oversize Makeup Mirror Max 45% OFF Dual Magnification Nashville-Davidson Mall 1x Round Large 5X

Oversize Makeup Mirror Dual Magnification 1x 5X | Large Round


Oversize Makeup Mirror Dual Magnification 1x 5X | Large Round

Product description

Our original design, streamlined, solid-core construction, tabletop mirror is the perfect accessory for any bathroom vanity, changing room, closet, doctors office or beauty salon. Commercial grade quality makes our mirror a favorite of 5 star hotels and luxury boutique hotels around the world. The contemporary lines are clean and sophisticated yet neutral enough to work in a variety of design aesthetics. A dual magnification allows you to easily apply makeup or inspect with simple regular 1x mangnification or a 5x magnified portion in the smaller mirror on the face. Our adjustable swivel mirror face allows you to rotate and tilt up to 90 degrees. The base of the mirror has a 6 1/4 inches diameter which is large enough to stabilize the mirror while not taking up all your counter space. The overall height of the entire mirror is 17 inches with the bottom of the mirror starting at 7 inches from the counter. The face of the mirror is a large 10 inches and the smaller 5x magnified mirror is a 3 3/8" diameter. The mirror is a perfect portable frameless design. Easily unscrew the base and pack flat for travel. Resistant to scratches and finger prints, the polished stainless steel finish works with contemporary, traditional, transitional, deco, eclectic and shabby chic design. USA Company with 3 Generations of Family Values.

Oversize Makeup Mirror Dual Magnification 1x 5X | Large Round

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