Premium,,Mydio,23",/Enid1305039.html,3.3",Headbands,Makeup,Facial,3,$4,Wr,X,White,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Pack Premium,,Mydio,23",/Enid1305039.html,3.3",Headbands,Makeup,Facial,3,$4,Wr,X,White,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Pack Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" Opening large release sale White Facial Wr Headbands Makeup Premium $4 Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" White Premium Facial Headbands,Makeup Wr Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $4 Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" White Premium Facial Headbands,Makeup Wr Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" Opening large release sale White Facial Wr Headbands Makeup Premium

Mydio 3 Pack 3.3

Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" White Premium Facial Headbands,Makeup Wr


Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" White Premium Facial Headbands,Makeup Wr

Product description

Color:3 Pack white

3pcs Makeup Wrap Headbands.
Size:3.3" x 23"/W x L.
Material:Polyester fiber.
Great for estheticians while doing facials,for makeup artist and for barber shop while shaving clients face,it can also be for personal use while taking a shower or other activities.

Mydio 3 Pack 3.3" X 23" White Premium Facial Headbands,Makeup Wr

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A small, wiry-stemmed annual with striking, yellow flowers in spring...

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