www.knheng.com,3D6G,K123,ACHICOO,6CH,System,AS350,RC,Brushless,$88,XK,/additionally1304778.html,Helicop,Scale,Toys Games , Vehicles www.knheng.com,3D6G,K123,ACHICOO,6CH,System,AS350,RC,Brushless,$88,XK,/additionally1304778.html,Helicop,Scale,Toys Games , Vehicles $88 ACHICOO XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicop Toys Games Vehicles ACHICOO OFFer XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System Helicop RC ACHICOO OFFer XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System Helicop RC $88 ACHICOO XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicop Toys Games Vehicles

ACHICOO OFFer XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System Helicop RC Branded goods

ACHICOO XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicop


ACHICOO XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicop

Product description


Item name: RC drone

Height: 77mm

Length: 238mm

Rotor diameter: 244mm

Flying weirht: 79.5g

Flying time: About 5min

Charging time: 30-60min

Control Distance: 150m

Battery: 3.7V 500mAh 25C li-po

Package size: 52.5*24.8*10.3cm

Remote distance: About 150 meters

Motor: 1106 11000KV brushless main motor

8502 coreless tail motor

Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS

Package included:

No remote control version:
1 x K123 rc helicopter
3 x Main blade
1 x Tail blad
1 x Main gear
1 x USB charger
1 x Li-po batteries
With remote control version:
1 x K123 rc helicopter
1 x Transmitter
3 x Main blade
1 x Tail blad
1 x Main gear
1 x USB charger
1x battery
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Hex wrench

ACHICOO XK K123 6CH Brushless AS350 Scale 3D6G System RC Helicop

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