$20 Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper Pail Cover, Grey Chevron Baby Products Diapering Chevron,Grey,Cover,,$20,www.knheng.com,Ubbi,Pail,Potato,Sweet,/monoacid1304996.html,Baby Products , Diapering,Diaper Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper OFFicial Pail Chevron Grey Cover $20 Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper Pail Cover, Grey Chevron Baby Products Diapering Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper OFFicial Pail Chevron Grey Cover Chevron,Grey,Cover,,$20,www.knheng.com,Ubbi,Pail,Potato,Sweet,/monoacid1304996.html,Baby Products , Diapering,Diaper

Sweet Potato Ubbi Some reservation Diaper OFFicial Pail Chevron Grey Cover

Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper Pail Cover, Grey Chevron


Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper Pail Cover, Grey Chevron

Product description

Color:Grey Chevron

Fabric cover adds style and color to a very industrial looking product. Made to fit the popular Ubbi Diaper Pail. Removable cotton cover is washable. Velcro closure. Measures 31.5 x 16". Quality fabrics last longer. Hand sewn in USA.

Sweet Potato Ubbi Diaper Pail Cover, Grey Chevron

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